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You need a Contact Form on your site to send you an Email? This is the easiest one you will find. 

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How is that?

It is really easy!

Step 1 -  Copy

Copy the Example form at the top of this page, with your email address.

Step 2 -  Paste

Place it on your WebSite and test it out!

Step 3 -  Accept

Accept the email asking for confirmation that you would like to receive emails!

Step 4 -  ...

That is it actually....

Have Some Examples

Just copy, paste, and have it working in no time!

Simple HTML?

This is the easiest option! Use the example on the right as a starting point. Add as many inputs to the form as you want. We'll add them to the Email for you!

Use with jQuery?

Sure, why not??? To the right you can find an example of how to call ForwardMeThis.com using jQuery. 

Use with Javascript?

You like it complicated? Sure, go ahead and do it with vanilla javascript! Have an example to the right to help you get started!

Need More Options?

Check the full configuration options!

Full Docs


ForwardMeThis is a work in progress and getting better and better all the time. These are some of the features supported at this moment, and some that will come in the future!

Works everywhere

It is a simple POST request. We read the Request Parameters, and Body, and we place it on an email to you.

Json, Xml?

Sure! Whatever you place in the Body of the request, we send to you. 


We don't read or save your data or email addresses for us. Your data is your data.


Oh yeah. If you don't put pressure on our systems, you can use it for free. So, keep it under 50 emails per month.


Very. We don't keep you waiting. We use an emails service provider that is top of the line to dispatch the emails.

Easy to Use

No backend, no server side code, nothing. It just works! But if you need help,. get in touch. 

How much is it?

At this moment, if you keep it under 50 emails per month, it is totally free. For more emails and features... there will be a small cost.


Use it baby!

Emails p/month: 50

Attachments: No

Support: No



You need a bit more Cowbell?

Emails p/month: 2000

Attachments: Yes

Support: Yes (by email)



Lots more Cowbell? Get it touch with us!

Emails p/month:  Ask

Attachments: Ask

Support: YES


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You have something you need to tell us? You found a bugs? Are things are not working out for you? Make use of the form bellow to get in contact with us!